Corona? Why now?

Crazy but maybe not so crazy after all?

Let’s assume Mother Earth has a consciousness and an intelligence. She has been dying slowly but surely for the past more than 100 years!

She had sent us Greta Thunberg and all of these other intelligent young people who convincingly demonstrated to us- with the support of a majority of respected scientists- that we are clearly headed towards killing her and all life on her. The human race widely managed to ignore Greta and the “Fridays for future” movement. Instead we keep going as before…

Mother Earth loves all of the beings that she hosts. But she does not want for herself to die nor for all the species on her. That is why she sent the Corona Virus to shake us and wake us up. Continuing this logic, we do not need much fantasy to imagine what happens if we also ignore this message.


The world’s status quo

The world is a mad place outside...

If you zoom in and open your eyes, today’s world is a mad place already. On a collective level:

Climate change and destruction of our environment are happening and material and monetary interests prevent a turn-around of that situation

Huge migration streams of people mainly from less developed countries to seemingly wealthier countries. We are not able to really see and feel the suffering of these human beings because they appear as a threat to most of us. We do not look and do not see that this is only the beginning...

Wars where the weakest ones suffer the most (children)! They are still “normal”, because we all accept that situation.

The way we close away our elderly people in many countries and shut out disease and death from our lives

The costs of our health care systems have exploded and more and more people are left without adequate treatment

Countries increasingly turn away from supporting a strong global community and care for their own people (“America first”, the beginning arguments about masks and treatment for the Corona virus)

Animals being treated insanely and inhumanly for cheap mass production. If we used our human capacity to feel with others (empathy), none of this would happen.

However, how can I feel others, if I do not even feel myself?

The world is a mad place inside...

If you zoom in and open your eyes, today’s world is a mad place already. On an individual level:

Most of us feel overwhelmed by our daily routines. Too much complexity and too little time to relax. It has become so normal but is that true? Burn-out often appears to be the only way out.

Many of us feel empty inside, the meaning of all of that is not always clear.

No time to care for or even worry about others. We need to close our eyes and our hearts so we do not see the suffering around us anymore.

Insane consumption as a mechanism to compensate for the void felt inside. This leads to unhealthy bodies and unhealthy minds. The responsibility for that, we have long passed on to our health care systems.


Possible solutions

The fear made even more evident by the Corona Virus can be our KEY to more individual freedom and happiness and a better, more sustainable world ...




Previous crises such as the migration streams, the Financial crises, the Global Warming and many more- also depending on which region in the world we talk about- have filled our buckets, have filled our vessels, have stressed our individual and collective nervous systems to the maximum. In addition, individual imbalances further fill up the spare capacity.




The Corona Virus has added yet another level of fear which we face very directly and our vessels (our nervous systems)- individually and collectively can no longer hold the fear.


Where is the plug to be pulled to lower the level of fear to a bearable minimum?

Possible solutions- let’s unplug the vessel

Many of us felt long before the crisis occurred that modern life cannot go on like that. As we do not know, what to change we have agreed unconsciously not think or worry about it. Now life has sent us one major key to change all of our lives individually and collectively. The key to a much healthier future is called Corona Virus and the fear it spreads.

Let’s meet in virtual classrooms in which we learn to use our fear as an ally rather than a stranger that we try to suppress. The first one is a new approach which eventually leads to a leap into higher consciousness. The latter one is more of the same which keeps us where we are and tends to add more ignorance, hate and fear. The more of us meet aligned, the faster we will leave the fear behind and tap into something new.

Higher levels of consciousness have always been part of the design of the human development and attaining them is possible for everybody. It is no longer a luxury to attain them but a necessity for people with responsibility. Eventually we start to realize our role as creators in this world. It works in a good sense but also in a poor sense. Consciousness, the universe, God, whatever you want to call it, she does not judge or push us, nor does she prevent us from taking either direction!

Becoming aware of the massive fear running through many of our systems and presencing it, will lead to a higher level of awareness with ourselves, our bodies, our next folks, our nature, Mother Earth and eventually the universe. More rewarding than any material object can ever be.

Let’s make an informed and conscious choice:

We can no longer ignore the fear, we have ignored our fears and other emotions which have been running our systems subconsciously too long already. Let’s make sure we do not simply try to get through the crisis by maintaining the status quo. That is not an option for the human species!

A lot of what you read here might not make sense to your mind. But maybe there is another place inside of you which agrees wholeheartedly.

Let’s use the fear as our facilitator into a better and more developed world. It might feel scary at the beginning and very soon, it will lead to little miracles. As Einstein already pointed out, today’s challenges will not be resolved at the level of consciousness in which they were created in the first place.

Fear as the key

Become aware of our fear- where does she come from?

Learn about our nervous system and why it is that we do not want to feel fear

Understand that we are all linked to a collective nervous system and even if we had no fear on our own, the collective fear would still run through us – consciously or unconsciously

Learn to feel the fear, hold it, ground it, learn from it and eventually let go of it

As a consequence, we will be better prepared to look at today’s world and make more informed choices to shape our future- both individually and collectively

Time has never been better to live a more conscious life! Crises mean suffering, they can also result in freedom.



Please check out our Leadership Training page for tools or classes to work with the Corona Virus and related emotions.

Also, we temporarily offer free online- classes every Saturday from 6 to 7.00 pm where we learn and practice to use our fear as a guide.

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Corona Virus


I am asking myself if the world has simply gone mad or is there a deeper reason behind the Corona pandemic?


Here is my take at it. During more than the past year we have been faced with fierce demonstrations by Greta Thunberg and the „Fridays for future“ movement. Most scientists support the urgency of their message. „Stop environmental pollution or the planet has no future“. Very interesting how most of the people in the developed countries and especially in Europe and the US have managed to ignore this life-threatening crisis and discussions evolve around the integrity of Greta and other young people. Their motives are being questioned even though the facts are widely not being disagreed with.


A crazy thought- maybe not so crazy after all?


What if Mother Earth is not only a living being but if it also has a consciousness and intelligence? What if Mother Earth does not want to die any time soon nor does it want to have its species die?

What if Mother Earth sent us the Corona Virus to wake us up from an erroneous direction we started to take in the past. We have ignored other signs and warnings, so she needs to be more affirmative with her means.


Scientists tell us that viruses are absolutely necessary for life and human life to exist on this planet. What if we look at this virus as a chance rather than a threat only. I understand that some people will find this position very difficult if they are affected directly and their lives are at risk or those of their loved ones…


What if we used the extra time many of us are being mandated to spend at home now:


- To look at our own fear. Can I feel the fear of this seemingly uncontrollable pandemic in my body? Do I need to push it away, make fun of it, distract myself or keep it away from myself? Or can I feel it and hold it in my body and maybe get a deeper sense of it. Albert Einstein taught us that crises will not be resolved with solutions arising from the level of consciousness in which they originated in the first place. Fear is being used a lot to control and manipulate us by many different interest groups. Let’s become aware of all of those fears. Allowing the fear and crises can take us to deeper levels of understanding both individually and collectively. Consequently, we will refrain from spreading those news that add more fear and lead to panic. We will make use of them wisely.


- Globalization: With all the great advantages it has brought to humanity, aren’t there maybe too many downsides which we need to take care of? Global warming also is due to too much traveling, goods being sent all over the place. There are countries and continents that appear to be losers of the globalization. Is that fair?


- Maximizing profits at all costs: Does it need a more sustainable approach which includes other criteria? And let’s not leave those decisions to the CEOs and leaders of businesses and politics. We all need to make that decision the minute we invest our money. If we believe we can get away with short-sided decisions, so does everybody else.


- The way we keep and treat animals in many western countries such as Germany. To always lower costs of meat production we keep many animals under inhuman conditions. We all know about that but then we forget about the torture and leave the poor creatures in their misery. Let’s use our great capacity for empathy and feel with all other creatures.


- Wars! We are so developed with our technologies and we can do wonderful things. How far are we developed with respect to our social intelligence if we still kill each other for territories, for power or for money? We fight our wars often on the backs of the weakest ones: children.


- The complexity and time pressure of today’s modern life. Has it not led to cultures where people become increasingly egocentric and selfish? Now we got a chance to slow down, become aware of the fact that while the virus might not be a risk for myself maybe it is so for the people around me. Maybe I need to stop and refrain from being in public for others. Maybe there are people I might be able to support and do the groceries for or I can be of service in different other ways.


- Do we keep the medical teams and people in our thoughts and prayers? They are putting their lives at risk to help others under very difficult conditions. Let’s make sure we help them by contacting them only when we have the symptoms and conditions that they advise us to seek help for. This helps leaving the scarce medical capacities to those who need it.


Let’s use the crisis to take a major step forward in our human development and let’s make sure Mother Earth does not need to send us even more severe measures or messages.


Not only politicians and other leaders need to do this. All of us can do something to make this world a better place now! If we all start to make changes tomorrow, I am sure that this will have an impact on Corona as well.