On a regular basis we offer Leadership Trainings, in which small groups of leaders-  in a save and protected environment- have the opportunity to learn more about themselves, about their impact on others and about their own inner wisdom.  The goal is to support the participants in arriving more and more in their own inner center. This will automatically result in more personal freedom, creativity, authenticity and finally in the ability to lead from an emerging future.  


Please contact us about already existing classes or classes you would like to create and design with us for your organisation.


Also, we temporarily offer free online- classes every Saturday from 6 to 7.00 pm CET (in German/ English) and every Sunday from 6 to 7.00 pm CET (in Italian)  where we learn and practice to use our fear as a transformational power into new potentials.

If you are interested in enrolling, please send an email to info@stephanpfingsten.com.